Alexis AV Talk — Episode 9: How Aaron Udler Finds Great Talent for his Training and Staffing Business

alexis av talk 9

On this episode of Alexis AV Talk, Aaron Udler is our guest. Aaron is the president and CEO of OfficePro Inc., a training and staffing company based in Maryland.

Aaron discussed his transition from AV exhibit sales to AV and IT training and staffing support. He also shared his strategies for finding great talent for his firm and clients: Hiring for personality and training for technology. And, what’s more? Hiring people through recommendations from county and state workforce development programs is also a winning strategy that he shared.

You can reach Aaron via LinkedIn and Twitter. For more information on the workforce development programs at Anne Arundel County, Maryland and Montgomery County, Maryland, click on the links/please reach out and let us know about other workforce development programs in your areas.