Alexis AV Talk — Episode 7: How Farisa Ahmed Launched Her Career and Considers Barry Grossman a Mentor

alexis av talk 7

This time, I have a conversation with Farisa Ahmed and Barry Grossman — plus, I’m joined by a guest co-host, Mark Coxon, to discuss workforce development in Episode 7 of Alexis AV Talk.

While attending a monthly industry meeting, Barry made himself available as a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the audiovisual industry. Farisa introduced herself and has since participated in internships and embarked on a successful career as an engineer, technologist and teaching assistant. She is thriving due to her self-determination, willingness to learn and focus.

If you’re not quite sure how to talk with students about careers in the AV industry, then take a listen to the ideas and experiences that Barry shares in this episode. Barry is a great resource for developing internships and onboarding programs.

Many thanks to Mark Coxon for co-hosting and sharing his insights on workforce development and diversity in our industry.