Alexis AV Talk — Episode 6: How Amber Pollitt Uses Her Creativity and Tech Skills to Navigate the AV Industry

alexis av talk 6

Amber Pollitt joins Alexis in this episode of Alexis AV Talk.

Amber is a journalist, filmmaker, photographer and editor. She’s used her creative energy by collaborating on several short film projects including “Yellow,” “Saudade- ‘Puxa o Fio’,” and “The Creative Garden.” She is currently working on a film that is very personal to her called “No Shame Skin” and you
can find more information about her other works at

Amber uses her tech skills daily as a Gear Coordinator at LiveX, where she preps and manages equipment for all of their live and virtual events. Amber touches every piece of equipment that is used for their events, and she is an integral part of the team.

As a newer person in the AV industry, we wanted to hear about Amber’s experiences being a young person, a woman and a Black woman in technology.  Amber has a lot to share; I’m grateful that she shared her perspective with us.