Alexis AV Talk — Episode 2: How Lincoln Tech and Columbus Jones Are Educating the Future of AV

episode 2

Alexi’s La Broi‘s second guest on Alexis AV Talk, her all-new series using the rAVe RADIO network, is all about the work that Columbus Jones (DMC-D 4K, DM-NVX-N) of Lincoln Tech is doing. His work? To help get more underserved youth on a path to becoming AV professionals. Lincoln Tech’s alumni include more than 32,000 graduates with all sorts of tech skills. Those skills include IT and AV, and Jones’ journey to teaching them is inspiring. His wealth of knowledge in both commercial and residential AV is perfectly suited to what he’s doing. Jones serves as an instructor, mentor, father figure, guidance counselor and therapist to his students, and you should get to know him. Watch the videocast!