Airzone Now Integrates Seamlessly With URC Total Control System


Airzone Control announced a new integration with Universal Remote Control (URC) and its Total Control and TC Flex system. The company says this collaboration enhances the capabilities of both systems, enabling URC dealers and installers to offer “unparalleled” indoor climate management for Inverter HVAC units, including mini-split and VRF systems.

Airzone says the new driver is designed to integrate the Airzone Aidoo Pro seamlessly with URC’s Total Control and TC Flex platforms, offering direct control and feedback from HVAC systems through URC’s Unified Climate Control user interface. The company says this integration brings together the “best of both worlds,” combining Airzone’s climate control with URC’s home automation technology.

With the Airzone Aidoo Pro, Airzone says users can manage their mini-split HVAC systems using URC’s Total Control interface. The integration controls key functions such as temperature setpoint, operating mode and fan speed, all from a single, unified interface. This enhanced functionality simplifies the management of indoor climate conditions, providing greater comfort and convenience.

Key Features of the Airzone and URC Integration, according to Airzone:

  • Unified Climate Control Interface: By integrating with an Airzone control device, the URC Total Control interface can communicate bi-directionally with mini-split HVAC systems from any major manufacturer, including Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu and Hitachi.
  • Automation Capabilities: Deep macro integration allows for automation applications, enabling installers to create customized climate control scenarios that enhance comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Support for Multiple Airzone Models: The integration supports a wide range of Airzone solutions, including the Airzone Aidoo Pro for single-unit control and Webserver HUB for zoned applications.
  • Robust Network Setup: The new driver uses a fixed IP address to maintain stability and consistency within the Total Control system.