Airtame Adds ‘Share From Browser’ Feature

airtame byom

Airtame launched a new screen-sharing feature that makes Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) environments and presentations “simpler and more secure than ever before.” With the new “Share from Browser” feature, users can use any popular web browser to instantly initiate screen sharing from personal devices to Airtame-powered displays without requiring any new app downloads, installations, cables or dongles, ensuring “simple and efficient” experiences for all meeting participants.

With no login, training, or special skills required, Share from Browser claims to eliminate any existing barriers to wireless screen sharing for in-person presentations and meetings while enhancing digital security for offices. Once connected to the local Wi-Fi network, a user follows on-screen instructions to visit the Airtame Browser web app on their personal device, then choose whether to share their whole desktop or a specific browser tab or window. Because users don’t have to enter personal passwords or credentials to connect, they can display their content and presentations without downloading software or sharing private information.

Share from Browser is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari, for ultimate flexibility and easy access, and will be available on all Airtame screens on subscription.