Airstar Shows Daring Lighting Tricks at Anglet’s FISE Xperience

Le Champ-près-Froges (France), 30th October 2018 – Airstar, inventor and world leader in lighting balloon technology, was shining bright at the recent stage of the FISE Xperience Series 2018 (10-11 August). The tour, which is world-renowned for attracting the best athletes in disciplines such as BMX and skateboarding, made a stop in Anglet in the south west of France, and was co-organised with the city council. This year, the competition park was lit with Airstar’s Crystal and Sirocco lighting balloons.

Delivering exceptional quality of light at this event – which was of paramount importance for the safety of all participants and best viewing experience for the crowds – Airstar raised the bar again by deploying its comprehensive range of lighting balloons. Lighting up the contestants were four Airstar Crystal 160 HMI balloons from Airstar’s event range, coupled with another four Sirocco balloons (1200 W HMI, 2500W HMI and two 600W LED), which are dedicated to the safety market.

Hervé Dumortier, technical manager for the FISE Xperience Series, commented: “We were really pleased with the Airstar products we had on site in Anglet. The athletes’ safety is obviously our number one priority, and the powerful, non-glaring and shadow-free light delivered by these lighting balloons was exactly what we were looking for to allow skaters and bikers to perform their tricks safely. Beyond that they really participated in creating a great atmosphere in the park. We won’t hesitate to use them again.”

Featuring a built-in fan, the self-inflating Crystal range is Airstar’s best-selling event product and was designed for easy setup. Rainproof and with wind resistance up to 80 km/h, it is suitable for both indoor and, in this case, outdoor use. The balloon envelopes can be branded in order to complement the aesthetic of the overall event. With similar features, the Sirocco sits on a stand, can be set up in two minutes, and used intuitively. 

Yann Mahé, the Airstar European Network (AEN) sales manager for the South West of France region, enthused: “Our balloons cast perfect light for the competitors at the FISE Xperience in Anglet, and we’re thrilled that we could help them showcase their incredible athleticism and skills. With solutions that can be used in a bespoke set up to address the lighting challenges of every kind of event, including major sporting events like this one, we pride ourselves on delivering efficiency, ease of use and efficacy – leading the field with our innovative and daring product lines.” 

Picture credits: FISE – Hurricane, Armand Lenoir – The Agency