AIR Wireless Companion Speaker Debuts at InfoComm 2016

AIR-Liberty-Mega-0616InfoComm marked the debut of the Liberty AIR and MegaVox AIR wireless companion speakers from Anchor Audio, Inc. The company has offered unpowered companion speakers for many years, but now Liberty AIR and MegaVox AIR set a new industry standard, as the first battery-powered wireless companion speakers in Anchor Audio’s line.

The AIRs are battery powered, perform six to eight hours or more on a single charge, and can be placed 150+ feet from the transmitter. (Transmitters come as an optional built-in upgrade to the main sound system.) One transmitter can connect to an unlimited number of AIR wireless companion speakers. The AIR wireless technology offers 100 user-selectable channels operating within the 900 MHz frequency, which is one of the few clear channel ranges available and therefore limits interference from competing signals. Furthermore, the 900 MHz band offers expanded wireless range for an increased transmission distance. AIR companion speakers can also operate in ‘wired mode,’ which includes simply flipping a switch and plugging in a cable.

Currently, Anchor’s Liberty Platinum Portable Sound System and MegaVox Pro Portable PA System offer AIR wireless companion speakers.

The AIR companion transmitter also connects seamlessly with Anchor Audio’s Assistive Listening Devices (ALB-9000), which operate on the same 902-928 MHz, resulting in an immediate ADA-compliant sound system. Main-unit systems are available with up to two wireless microphone receivers in addition to the AIR wireless companion transmitter.

The Liberty AIR wireless companion speaker is priced at $1,000 list, and the MegaVox AIR wireless companion speaker is $550 list and all the details are here.