AI-Powered Cables! Don’t Laugh as CEDIA Expo Will See AI Everywhere

dall e cables in space

CEDIA Expo 2023 will be filled with new HomeAV gear; no doubt about it. And, although I can’t predict what product will impress all the attendees the most, I can — without doubt — predict what trend will dominate in nearly every booth: AI.

AI will be everywhere, thanks to some of the most unimaginative marketing people in tech.

And it’s not just our tech — it’s all tech. Tech is far from being recognized as a creative leader. With few exceptions (Apple, Google and Origin Acoustics) tech companies are terrible at marketing. So, instead of creating creative messaging or a campaign, most tech companies jump on the bandwagon of marketing-speak.

And today’s marketing-speak is all about AI.

  • AI-Based Control
  • AI-Based Content Management
  • AI-Based Audio Calibration
  • AI-Based Home Security
  • AI-Based Whole Home Audio
  • AI-Based Network Management

These are all real things written into press releases we’ve received in and around the CEDIA Expo in the last 38 days. So, AI will be THE THING people say the most at the Expo. It will be the term most related in the majority of booths. It will be the two letters that will find their way into EVERY educational session. And “AI” will be the letters added to the most signs at the last minute.

So, who’s launching AI-powered HDMI cables? We’ll only have to wait six days to see!