AI Day Wrap-Up

AI Day Wrap Up PUBS

Sunday was Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appreciation Day, a day to honor AI technology’s positive contributions to humanity! The day also serves to raise awareness about AI ethics and foster a national conversation about AI.

Since AI impacts nearly every aspect of emerging ProAV technology, rAVe [PUBS] and LAVNCH [CODE]  celebrated AI day by publishing AI-focused blogs written by a variety of industry experts every hour from 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. EDT. In case you missed any, we’ve compiled the articles here!

AI and Education

Throughout our various posts, we explored themes like AI in Education. Scott Tiner of Bates College wrote about the importance of developing a strategy before implementing AI in higher education. “AI should be viewed through a lens of increasing value, and further promoting the strategy of an organization, not simply ‘how do we eliminate staff and save money,'” he warned.

Steve Wick, an instructor at Indian Prairie School district, shed light on some examples of how generative AI could be used to enhance student learning experiences in K-12 education. Wick emphasizes that instructors should view generative AI as an opportunity to improve education and engage learners, rather than simply view it as a means with which students will try to cheat.

AI and ProAV

Our contributors also delved into AI’s impact on different ProAV markets. Stefan Marti, AVP for Strategic Technologies at Shure, wrote about what AI’s impact on Pro Audio might be in the future. Marti explained that AI-powered solutions should prioritize both ease of use and customers’ needs. Besides these core guidelines, Marti says it’s hard to predict exactly how the pro audio industry will innovate using AI. 

Similarly, Ken Kobayashi of Sony Electronics explored the impact of AI on UCC applications: “In collaborative classrooms and offices, AI-enabled camera technologies are giving video conferencing attendees the best picture of the scenario being captured.” Kobayashi also noted that the greatest limitation to implementing AI in ProAV installations is a lack of product knowledge.

Epic iO Chief Commercial Officer, Tami Booth, wrote about AI applications for safety and security, such as AI-powered surveillance systems, predictive analytics for crime prevention, emergency response and disaster management and IoT integration for decision making. “Artificial intelligence has transformed safety and security measures, providing innovative solutions to various challenges,” Booth said.

Fun Facts About AI

Finally, LAVNCH [CODE] Editor-in-Chief, Megan A. Dutta, gathered seven fun and interesting facts about the history and predicted future of AI, which you can check out here. Steph Beckett also wrote about 5 of the reasons to love AI — you can read her blog here.

That concludes our wrap-up of Sunday’s AI-focused blogs, so thank you for joining our celebration of AI Day! The impact of AI on our world today cannot be overstated, particularly in regard to the ProAV industry. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect to see continued enhancements in all market segments of the ProAV industry, revolutionizing entertainment, media consumption and collaboration.