Agfa HealthCare honors Barco with Supplier Excellence award for innovative diagnostic imaging solutions

Atlanta, Ga. – 3 January 2018 Barco, a global leader in healthcare imaging, has received the prestigious “Supplier of the Year for 2017” award bestowed annually by Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of eHealth and digital imaging solutions.

Cutting-edge diagnostic imaging focused on enabling better patient outcomes
Agfa HealthCare presented the top award of “Best Supplier” to Barco for its diagnostic display systems designed to improve clinician productivity through enhanced ergonomics and workflow improvements. Over 50 suppliers were systematically in the race throughout the year, representing imaging systems, imaging informatics solutions and healthcare information systems.

“Barco is as committed as we are to developing innovations that enhance the workflow of healthcare providers and help them to constantly improve the delivery of patient care,” says James Jay, president imaging IT solutions at Agfa HealthCare.

Leading innovation in healthcare IT
This is the second year that long-term supplier Barco has been recognized. In 2015, Barco received the Best Supplier “silver” award. This year, after continuing its exceptional contributions, Barco achieved the highest score for the performance data metrics. Agfa HealthCare’s Supplier Excellence awards are based on Supplier Scorecards that take into account quality, delivery, cost and services. In addition, a cross-functional stakeholder survey on the nominated suppliers is carried out, and the resulting scores taken into consideration. Results are reviewed by an awards board comprised of Agfa HealthCare’s Management Committee.

“We are honored to be presented with this important award, which represents many years of successful collaboration in diagnostic imaging between Barco and Agfa HealthCare,” commented Filip Pintelon, Senior VP Healthcare for Barco. “We value our partnership with Agfa as a tremendous asset as we continually develop medical display solutions and software that help enhance the quality of care and lead to brighter patient outcomes.”

A comprehensive array of medical display solutions
Barco manufactures and markets a wide range of medical display systems including diagnostic, mammography, surgical, clinical specialty and custom modality solutions.

Barco’s fully optimized display systems enhance reading speed and accuracy, with many featuring intuitive workflow tools and all supported by Barco’s automated QA and compliance solution, MediCal QAWeb. Its flagship display, the Coronis Uniti®, is the only multi-modality breast imaging display that also allows viewing of PACS images. Radiologists can view perfect grayscale and precisely calibrated color, and clearly see the subtlest details to improve clinical decision-making. Complete studies can be conducted without multiple monitor set-ups, boosting workflow efficiency and reducing visual fatigue.