AG Neovo Debuts Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2016

agneovo-ise-0116ISE newbie AG Neovo is partnering with VIDCO and Avenview to debut a comprehensive digital signage solution that includes videowall displays, video extenders and controllers as well as videowall mounts designed to help manage hypermedia content for 24/7 operations.

To address the flexibility of scaling and content design of videowalls for public space applications, AG Neovo’s slim bezel PM-65, PM-55, PM-43 and PM-32 displays integrate images on videowalls designed for advertising, information sharing or entertainment. In addition, AG Neovo’s VWM-01 and VWM-02 videowall mounts are modularly designed for easy fitting into a variety of customizable mounting solutions.

For traffic control authorities, broadcasters and casino or industrial site operators, pre-programmed configurations within control room videowalls can assist in the identification and containment of anomalies. AG Neovo’s PN-46 is a building block for such applications. The company’s HIP-Series and HVWIP-Series HDMI LAN videowall matrix extenders and controllers can also handle larger-scale configurations.

AG Neovo is also showing: the RX-22 and RX-32 for CCTV and HD-SDI surveillance; the LE-22 with an anti-blue light capacity; the multi-touch TX-19; and the DF-55 and PF-55H, floor displays intended for dual-sided and single-sided signage applications respectively.

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