Advantech Ultra Widescreen Displays Opens up New Avenues for Digital Signage Applications

phpkdenpLAMAdvantech announces its latest innovative signage display—DSD-5038 suitable for space-limited applications. Advantech DSD-5038 is designed with LCD resizing technology; meaning a 1/2 size LCD panel is resized from a 42” LCD. Therefore, the 38” monitor features a super-wide aspect ratio of 16:4.5 whilst retaining a high resolution of 1920 x 538, making it especially suitable for limited spaces and can be used to replace conventional LED signage used in transportation, elevators, and public venues. Compared to LED signage, DSD-5038 stretched signage display delivers better resolution while consuming 50% less power. It also supports a flexible wall mounting interface of 200 x 100 mm for easy installation, and can be bundled with Advantech digital signage players in a rear AD box for an all-in-one total solution.

Ultra Widescreen Design with Space Saving Features
Advantech DSD-5038 with super-wide 16:4.5 aspect ratio easily grabs attention and is ideal for limited spaces restricted in height or volume. The series supports 1920 x 538 resolution, so high definition content can be perfectly presented on their narrow, ultra-wide surface. Its 176°(H)/ 176°(V) viewing angle is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation and ensures that displayed contents can be bright and accurate when viewed from any direction.
New Visual Experience with Low Power Consumption
DSD-5038 presents visual entertainment and information that traditional LED display mediums cannot. The display not only supports 1920 x 538 high definition output but also supports high brightness of 800 cd/m2, and a high contrast ratio of 3000:1— giving perfect visibility for a wide-range of applications. DSD-5038 also features LED backlight technology, and low operating temperatures of under 40° C and 24/7 playback, saving more than 50% on power consumption. DSD-5038 supports VGA and DVI signal interfaces and audio functions for easy connection with plug-and play systems. The series also has an RS232 interface reserved for alternative connectivity.
Perfect for Diverse Digital Signage Applications
Compared to dull, plain billboards or posters, DSD-5038 “ticks all the boxes” with its unique letter-box shape, beautiful color, real-time capability and replacement suitability for legacy LED signage. The displays can be used in versatile digital signage applications such as public terminals for transportation, elevators, menu boards and hospitality. Designed with 100 x 200mm universal wall-mount holes on the back cover, the DSD-5038 can easily be mounted onto walls or ceilings and also can be seamlessly integrated with Advantech digital signage players with connecting brackets for an all-in-one solution.
DSD-5038 38”(16:4.5) stretched signage display will be available end of December. Please contact your local sales office or visit the website: for more details.