Advantech Expands Membership With the SDVoE Alliance

Advantech Expands Membership With the SDVoE AllianceThe SDVoE Alliance announced that Advantech has expanded its membership in the SDVoE Alliance as a contributing member.

Advantech has added a range of SDVoE-compliant products to their 4K video processing product portfolio aimed at medical, industrial and professional audiovisual applications. Advantech’s SDVoE-compliant products include a 4K SDVoE hybrid encoder/recorder, an HDMI-over-IP multicast transceiver system and an SDVoE 4K live-video capture card compatible with other SDVoE-ecosystem offerings.

“We are thrilled to have Advantech renew and expand their membership in the SDVoE Alliance,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “Within the last year, Advantech has introduced new video transmission and processing solutions that have benefited SDVoE’s global members and customers. We look forward to Advantech’s new product introductions and expansion into new market verticals.”

“Since joining the SDVoE Alliance, we have developed a series of SDVoE-compliant products,” said Ted Feng, director of video solutions division at Advantech. “We found the advantages of easy installation, high compatibility and premium product quality provided by SDVoE technology are appealing to the majority of customers. In keeping with our commitment to cultivate several vertical industries, Advantech plans to integrate SDVoE technology into various products, combine software and hardware with applications and promote Advantech’s SDVoE-compliant video transmission and processing solutions to customers in many industries.”