ADTECHNO Debuts Dante AV Ultra Encoder and Decoder DAV-02HT and DAV-02HR

DAV 02

ADTECHNO Inc. is excited to introduce the Dante AV Ultra Encoder (DAV-02HT) and Decoder (DAV-02HR), featuring advanced source-switching capabilities. These devices deliver visually lossless video and perfectly synced audio with a single network clock, eliminating any lip-sync issues. They support the transmission of 8-channel audio, up to 4Kp60 4:4:4 video, USB and RS-422 serial commands over a 1GbE network. Users can conveniently manage all signal streams through the widely-used Dante Controller software.

The DAV-02HT Encoder is equipped with USB-C and HDMI input ports. It automatically switches sources when it detects an incoming TMDS signal. Users can also manually select sources by pressing a front-panel button or by utilizing a sensor input to connect custom-tailored press button, allowing system integrators to externally wire a press button, suitable for installation on a table.

The DAV-02HR Decoder features dual HDMI output ports, allowing for simultaneous video display. Each HDMI port automatically reads Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) of connected screens and adjusts the output video resolution to ensure the optimal display resolution for each screen. Additionally, HDCP is automatically converted to the appropriate revision for each connected screen.

Both units are designed for optimal heat dissipation without the need for a built-in cooling fan, ensuring silent operation, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance needs, thus extending the devices’ lifespan.

These Dante AV Ultra devices are perfect for enhancing AV performance in high-end conferences settings, educational environments, and professional meetings.

Feature highlights:

  • Transport up to 4K HDR UHD video sources with imperceptible subframe latency over 1GbE Network.
  • ProAV-optimized Colibri codec to correctly encode any graphical content while preserving a visually lossless quality for video.
  • Utilizing a single network clock enables perfect audio and video synchronization.
  • The DAV-02HT features HDMI and USB-C input ports with manual or automated source selection.
  • Source selection from select button or sensor Input connecting external-tailored press button.
  • Locking Feature for Select Button.
  • The DAV-02HR features dual HDMI output ports.
  • Advanced signal management for independent routing of audio, video, USB / KVM and RS-422.
  • A fanless design guarantees stable performance with minimal maintenance required.
  • Auto-downscaling and HDCP revision conversion on HDMI output ports.
  • HDCP 1.x/2.x compliant with advanced EDID management.
  • PoE+ (IEEE802.3at) or DC (12V) power to power the device.
  • Universal 2U EIA Shelf Unit with 4 x Horizontal Blade Shelves.
  • Compatible with Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager (DDM).
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“We’re excited about ADTECHNO’s new additions to the Dante AV ecosystem,” commented Joshua Rush, Audinate CMO. “There’s a growing demand for AV over IP systems, particularly in legislative, high-end conference, and educational settings. In such environments where IMAG is a commonly used Dante AV Ultra delivers subframe latency and perfect lip-sync so there’s no awkward delay between live presenters and audiovisual reinforcement. ADTECHNO DAV-02 is designed specifically for these applications, delivering audio and video with deterministic latency so they never lose sync. This feature streamlines the entire workflow from setup through to the content’s ultimate destination, significantly boosting efficiency.”

Pricing and Availability:
Dante AV Ultra encoder and decoder, DAV-02HT and DAV-02HR and 4 x encoder or decoder mountable Universal 2U EIA Shelf Unit are available for pre-order from today from ADTECHNO distributors and resellers as well as on ADTECHNO website at

DAV-02HT for $1,199 US MSRP
DAV-02HR for $1,199 US MSRP
Universal 2U EIA Shelf Unit for $150 US MSRP

ADTECHNO Dante AV Ultra Encoder and Decoder will also be showcased at Infocomm 2024 in booth C6328.

Product Introduction on YouTube: