Adamson Launches Energia E12/E218 Touring Packages

Adamson_E12_E218_web-0314Adamson Systems has announced brand new E12/E218 touring packages aimed at the rental and staging markets that need system flexibility and fast setup/teardown. Adamson Systems has created three speaker system configurations for users to use as a guideline when creating a custom sound reinforcement solution. The Compact Set, consisting of 16 E12 and 8 E218, is intended for use up to an audience of 10,000 with both ground stacked and flown setups possible. The Performance Set includes 24 E12 and 12 E218 cabinets to maximize application scale with minimal amplifier requirements. The High Performance Set — 32 E12s and 24 E218s — easily handles arenas/outdoor festivals or can be split into two Compact Sets.

The recently introduced E12 is a 3-way true line source cabinet that incorporates two 12” Kevlar Neodymium woofers to handle the low frequency band. The mid-high band consists of a 7″ Kevlar Neodymium driver and a low distortion 4” diaphragm compression driver mounted to the next generation of Adamson’s co-linear drive module.

The sound chamber produces a slightly curved wavefront with a nominal dispersion pattern of 110°x 8° (HxV). The waveguide’s efficiency allows for increased horizontal dispersion without sacrificing high frequency in the far field. The E218 subwoofer was developed to pair with the E12. Two lightweight, long excursion ND18-S Kevlar Neodymium drivers are mounted in an efficient band-pass cabinet.

Adamson’s Energia Autolock rigging system allows for 8° vertical splay. Splay positions can be set before flying the system while the cabinets are stacked 4-high on a dolly allowing quick and safe assembly by a single engineer/technician.

Here are all the details.