Adamson Announces 2 New Adamson Fletcher Machine Software Products


Adamson Systems Engineering is happy to present two new products to the Adamson Fletcher Machine toolbox

The Virtual Adamson Fletcher Machine

The Virtual Adamson Fletcher Machine (vAFM) connects with the Adamson Fletcher Machine (AFM) Remote software, giving users the Fletcher Machine experience without the requirement of a dedicated hardware engine (Stage or Traveler). Instead, the user employs the audio I/O available on the computer the vAFM is installed on.

While being able to use much of what the AFM Remote software offers in terms of features like Object Trajectories and general mixing functions, the vAFM is limited to a maximum of 24 inputs and 12 outputs, has only 2 layers, no auxiliary sends, and an extended latency, compared to the hardware models.

The vAFM is intended to acquaint users with the performance and ease-of use of the AFM technology and can be used in educational applications or as an amazing demonstration tool that whets the appetite for further exploration with larger speaker setups and more complicated configurations.

The Adamson Fletcher Machine VST Control Plugin

Suitable for any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that employs VST plugins, the Adamson Fletcher Machine VST Control connects the user’s DAW to an AFM via the Remote software. The connected AFM could be any one of a Stage Unit, a Traveler Model, or the new vAFM.

The AFM VST Control allows users to directly control certain object parameters like positioning and layer selection from within their DAW. Multiple instances of the AFM VST Control can be activated within the DAW giving the user additional objects to control, limited only by their number of objects and the AFM being in use. Both of these new AFM offerings are available to download now, and are free-of-charge.

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