Acurus Details CEDIA Expo 2019 Plans

Acurus will be showing a spectrum of entertainment solutions at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver. Visitors to booth #1533 will see several stations – one showcasing the Acurus ACT 4 20-channel immersive processor paired with A2007 amplifiers; another showcasing the Acurus MUSE 16-channel immersive processor paired with M8 amplifiers; another station will feature ASPEQT, the new proprietary acoustic metrology tool which can be used in conjunction with Acurus immersive processors. Visitors can see the ASPEQT system kit contents and learn how APSEQT can resolve an integrator’s room correction challenges using a simple, quick and accurate optimization tool.

“CEDIA this year is about the versatility of our products and how integrators can use them to create a huge variety of unparalleled audio experiences for their customers,” said Rick Santiago, CEO of Acurus. “Our processors and amplifiers can be used to build dozens of combinations to suit integrators’ needs. The flexibility of Acurus products allows an integrator to both optimize their install efficiency and their customer’s demand for authentic audio reproduction. To complete the solutions, we’ve launched our proprietary room correction system ASPEQT (Automatic Speaker Parameter and Equalization Tool).”

Santiago continues, “This wonderful acoustic measurement and analysis tool brings the same beautiful UI and ease-of-use found in all Acurus products. It’s a game-changer in the world of room correction with its integrator-friendly approach, which when combined with Acurus processors will create a “soup-to-nuts” entertainment solution for integrators and the end customer.”

Starke Sound has chosen the Acurus MUSE immersive processor to power its 7.2 sound booth demo at CEDIA Expo 2019. Visitors will experience an unforgettable expression of surround audio through the new Acurus MUSE immersive media room processor and Starke Sound’s speakers at Sound Room #14.

“This year at CEDIA, Starke Sound presents the “Family Room,” a gathering place for entertaining the whole family with music, concert videos, movies and games,” said Desmond Fretz of Starke Sound. “To realize the full potential of our loudspeakers, we developed and manufacture a unique, Class A, multi-channel amplifier. But sound quality is only as good as the source.”

Fretz continues, “We chose the new Acurus MUSE immersive pre-amp processor to decode and deliver the best possible signals in an affordable, easy-to-use, custom AV system. In testing we were unprepared for the extent to which this approach would improve performance. With MUSE auto sound mode, no adjustments, sound quality was dramatically improved compared to that with an AVR: greater clarity, definition, vocal naturalness. Imaging is fantastically better with a full, seamless, immersive sound field, much improved mid-bass and a liquid treble reproduction. Musical realism is astonishing, out-of-the-box. The result is far greater entertainment value. We will take this to the highest level with full calibration in SR-14 at CEDIA Expo. All are invited to our Family Room where we will be staging memorable experiences.”

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