Acurus Debuts ASPEQT Room Correction System

Acurus is introducing a new, proprietary system for speaker and room acoustic optimization at this year’s CEDIA Expo. The system, called ASPEQT, is designed to offer residential integrators a straightforward and fast method for optimizing an audio system’s response to interactions between speakers and room factors. Available in an easily transportable kit, the ASPEQT system is a self-contained acoustic metrology tool which may be used in conjunction with Acurus immersive processors such as the 20-channel ACT 4 Home Cinema Processor or the 16-channel Muse Media Room Processor. Visitors to the Acurus booth (#1533) can see the ASPEQT system kit contents, demonstrations of its operation and learn how APSEQT can help solve an integrator’s room correction challenges.

The kit includes:

  • Acoustic signal acquisition and processing system hardware with autonomous setup.
  • Four studio-quality, omnidirectional measurement microphones with digital output and individual calibration curves.
  • Four durable microphone boom stands for precise microphone placement.
  • Wireless connectivity with ethernet back-up option.
  • Intuitive GUI for controlling the process and analysis.
  • Carrying case for all gear plus associated cables.

Here’s how to order it.