Acurus’ ASPEQT Redefines Room Optimization Technology

2021 ASPEQT sweep

(Indianapolis, IN) – August 24, 2021 — ASPEQT (Automatic Speaker Parameter and EQualization Tool) is a revolutionary new proprietary system designed to make the process of tuning high-performance audio systems surprisingly straightforward and less time consuming than ever before. ASPEQT is a real-time, multiple measurement tool which provides super-fast data acquisition and execution. This is a completely new technology development from Indy Audio Labs and represents a total revisioning of room acoustics optimization for systems integrators. Those interested in learning more about ASPEQT can visit booth #3818 at CEDIA Expo 2021.

ASPEQT is designed to vastly improve the job of acoustically tuning a room in terms of speed, ease-of-use, and consistency of results. At its core, ASPEQT is an innovative approach to room response optimization intended to offer residential integrators a fast, high-quality method for tuning an audio system’s response to acoustic interactions between loudspeakers and room attributes. With its graphics-rich UI, ASPEQT is an acoustic software and hardware ecosystem supported by an easily transportable, Wi-Fi-enabled measurement microphone IoT hub. Used in conjunction with Acurus immersive processors such as the 20-channel ACT 4 or the 16-channel MUSE, integrators can use ASPEQT to easily solve room response optimization challenges with this simple, quick, and accurate tool.

The U.S. Retail Price of $2,549 includes proprietary embedded ASPEQT measurement software, a portable hardware kit consisting of a carrying case with four professional-grade USB measurement microphones, microphone stands, cables, and mobile-ready IoT control and processing endpoints — everything an integrator would need to properly optimize a private cinema or home entertainment space acoustically.

ASPEQT is immensely valuable to the home technology professional due to its:
• speed: the measurement process is extraordinarily uncluttered and fast. Analysis is automatic along with adjustments of the processor’s speaker parameters and EQ filters.
• ease-of-use: ASPEQT turns acoustic measurement on its head by providing a graphics-rich interface and setup kit that takes the drudgery out of acoustic measurement.
• pro-level kit: ASPEQT is a professional scientific instrument that offers precision and quality to the process of optimizing a customer’s audio space. ASPEQT uses four measurement microphones linked to networked signal acquisition/analyzer endpoints. These in turn integrate seamlessly with Acurus processors. Post-optimization, the installer can quickly do an A/B test to compare before and after scenarios and fine-adjust acoustic factors if desired.

All-in-all, ASPEQT is a powerful tool which enables the integrator to offer a unique service to residential customers during both the initial installation as well as later for periodic check-ups and adjustments.