Active Thermal Management Shows Dual Cool

active-thermal-0314There are rack installations in closets that are hot and so full that there aren’t any spaces left for a cooling system. Then there are closets with shelf-mounted systems that also need cooling. Active Thermal Management says that Dual-Cool can solve both problems as it has a two-mode cooling system that’s equally effective cooling racks and shelves, in both cases moving heated air to an attic or an adjacent area through 5′ of flexible tubing.

A benefit of Dual-Cool in a rack installation is that it mounts to the rack’s rear rails, taking up no front rack space. It’s 2U rack units high and only 7″ deep and it mounts easily behind a shallow component near the top of the rack. A remote thermal probe starts Dual-cool’s fans turning at low speed (adjustable) at 90F (also adjustable) and switches it to full speed if the temperature rises another 10 degrees.

Rack or shelf installation, heated air is pulled up from below Dual-Cool’s chassis by three powerful fans, and is exhausted through 5’ of insulated flexible tubing.

Here are details.