ACT Entertainment Adds Solutions from PK Sound to Lineup

act entertainment pk sound

ACT Entertainment added solutions from PK Sound to its lineup. ACT Entertainment has appointed industry veteran Ralph Mastrangelo as director of sales, Live Sound to ensure success in the live sound market. Mastrangelo has an “extensive background in and knowledge of the pro audio market,” and for the past 30+ years has worked for companies like Clair Global and VER, leading business and product development. “I’m very excited to be a part of this unique partnership between PK Sound and ACT Entertainment,” he says. “Together, we will unleash this unique, innovative, and game changing technology to the live sound market.”

The initial product offering that ACT will supply includes PK Sound’s medium-format T10 robotic line source element, which offers “stunning SPL and clarity with remote, real-time control of vertical and horizontal coverage.” The company’s patented multi-axis robotic technology is driven by PK .dynamics software, uniting every stage of the modern live sound workflow in a single application. This ensures delivery of a superior level of intelligibility and impact by directing acoustic energy away from reflective sources and focusing it only where intended.

With this system, users can tailor acoustic coverage to any venue or production as needed — such as an arena tour that needs to adjust for scoreboards or other obstructions, or a multi-purpose performance venue that hosts a variety of applications with unique acoustic needs. The system’s sophisticated technology also mitigates noise pollution and overall acoustic impact on nearby communities or commercial centres in outdoor applications.

Looking to the future, the partnership between ACT Entertainment and PK Sound will continue to expand, with plans for the distributor to oversee North American product service and assist with the PK Alliance rental network. PK Sound’s engineering team will train the ACT team to learn the ins and outs of the company’s various technologies in the coming months.