Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker III UCC-Based Mic Array to Debut at InfoComm

Acoustic Magic is using InfoComm to introduce the Voice Tracker III, which is based on the technology of the Voice Tracker I, but has 2 dB better signal to noise ratio and a flatter frequency response curve leading to a brighter sound quality.

The $450 Voice Tracker III is designed for lecture and meeting recording but, according to the company, improvements in VoIP products open the door for its use in videoconferencing and distance learning as well.

Zoom and Skype have improved AEC capability, so the Voice Tracker III doesn’t need its own AEC and consequently fills the need for an affordable yet high performance conferencing array microphone. Voice Tracker III connects tot he computer via either a 3.5-millimeter or USB post and there is no set-up. The single “listening beam” automatically and electronically steers to the active speaker. Multiple Voice Tracker III array microphones can be combined using 3.5 millimeter Y’s or mixers.

The Voice Tracker III can sit on a table or podium, but it also comes with a ceiling/wall mount and is 24 inches long and 2 inches deep. Here are all the specs.