Acoustic Magic to launch its Voice Tracker III scanning array microphone at InfoComm

Acoustic Magic has been manufacturing and selling the Voice Tracker I scanning-beamforming array microphone since 2002. More than 18,000 have been sold. It has been proven to be reliable, easy to use and capable of picking up talkers clearly at ranges of 30 feet, with a 360 degree field of view.

We are now introducing the Voice Tracker III, which is based on the pioneering and proven technology of the Voice Tracker I, but has 2 dB better signal to noise ratio, and a flatter frequency response curve leading to a “brighter” sound quality.

The Voice Tracker III is ideal for our array microphone’s traditional applications of Lecture and Meeting recording, but improvements in VoIP products open the door for its use in video conferencing and distance learning.

State of the art VoIP products like Zoom and Skype have improved AEC capability, so the Voice Tracker III doesn’t need its own AEC and consequently fills the need for an affordable yet high performance conferencing array microphone. Its cost is $450, much less than competitive array mics, making it practical for multi-room installations.

We opted to make the Voice Tracker III simple and easy to use. Just connect it to a wall power source and your computer thru a 3.5 mm or USB connection and you are done. No multiple beam set up is required. The single “Listening Beam” automatically and electronically steers to the active talker. It is truly plug and play.

We also decided to not include a camera or loudspeaker in our design so the user is free to choose best in class products, or take advantage of existing equipment.

Multiple Voice Tracker III array microphones can be combined using 3.5 mm Y’s or Mixers. Use with High Performance mixers will lead to amazing room coverage and sound quality.

The Voice Tracker III can sit on a table or podium, but it also comes with a ceiling/wall mount. Because of its long pickup range, ceiling or wall mounting will work well and removes room clutter.

The Voice Tracker III is 24 inches long and 2 inches deep.