Acoustic Geometry Ships CornerSorber


Acoustic Geometry’s new Acoustic Bass Management (ABM) line, the CornerSorber, is now shipping. This corner-placement bass absorber utilizes a Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) absorption membrane in a cutting-edge design that mitigates low-frequency room modes for accurate sound reproduction in a room.
The CornerSorber is a bass absorber design that allows maximum pressure-zone room-mode reduction due to close-corner placement. The uniquely-shaped bass absorber is beveled on two sides and the top, allowing a pair of CornerSorbers to be set up three inches from, and parallel with, each corner wall, either vertically or horizontally, for the most efficient and effective reduction of low-frequency room-mode pressure waves.
Acoustic Geometry’s ABM system allows for a high level of low-frequency performance when utilizing both CornerSorbers and Curve Diffusors, which also feature accurate, lab-tested low-frequency MLV membrane absorption. The combination has a complementary range of frequencies that produces consistent bass-energy absorption from 45Hz to 200Hz, which corresponds to room-mode dimensions from 5.5 to 25-feet. The CornerSorber’s form factor of 24 by 42-inches, with a 6-inch depth, allows both a small footprint and either vertical or horizontal orientation. With the Curve’s smooth phase-coherent diffusion, the combination of Curves and CornerSorbers will evenly control frequencies below 200Hz, as well as evenly diffuse mid and high frequencies, which is the ideal acoustic treatment solution for nearly any room.
This cost-effective system can be used in many applications, including recording and mastering studios, video production and post houses, audiophile listening rooms, home theaters, live-performance and event venues, concert halls and auditoriums. Acoustic Geometry’s ABM CornerSorber will also complement any room design. Various finishes are available, including black-painted oak (stock), custom stain and paint colors, and several wood veneers (including clear-finish maple, cherry, and walnut).
The bass absorber white paper and the Curve and CornerSorber lab test reports are available online here.