ACER Buys Most of AOPEN

AOPEN and Acer announced today a private placement of shares. With this private placement, Acer becomes the largest corporate shareholder in AOPEN, followed by Wistron Corporation.

AOPEN is known for its expertise in high-reliability devices. This move brings to the table AOPEN’s deep commercial knowledge in applied computing platforms, IOT edge devices, and its vast network of specialist channels and partners. AOPEN remains the only commercial device provider developing technology across all operating systems, including Google Chrome OS.

This alignment between AOPEN and Acer ensures an increased geographic sales footprint and broader access to research and development resources. AOPEN will also share in Acer technology, particularly in the hybrid cloud technologies space.

AOPEN device solutions (e.g., signage, self-service, analytics, cloud-based rapid development and control platforms) allow companies swifter adoption in the IoT space. Close alignment between AOPEN and Acer propels the use of these technologies, with the confidence that AOPEN end-to-end, customizable solutions will help companies realize their key business objectives.

AOPEN deploys its solutions to over 100 countries, from SMB to Fortune-listed organizations. Key use cases include supermarkets, banks, fashion retailers, governments, gaming venues, and public transport.

Through combined global resources and channels, and with joint synergy, AOPEN and Acer are deploying new solutions that enhance business and secure a competitive edge. The strength of its cooperation is also what brings Acer into the management of AOPEN operations.

AOPEN is here.