Access Networks Unveils Branded Hardware Solutions

Encino, CA, September 6th, 2017 – Access Networks (, the premier provider of enterprise-grade network solutions for residential integration, has announced the introduction of Access Networks Wireless, a family of best-in-class wireless networking products featuring patented technology designed and manufactured for Access Networks by Ruckus Wireless. The new product lineup includes a wireless controller, three indoor access points and an outdoor access point.

What the Integrators Need

All Access Networks Wireless components come with four years of support provided by the award-winning engineers at Access Networks eliminating the need to purchase support separately. Additionally, the wireless controller includes eight access point licenses, with additional licenses available one at a time. The array of three indoor access points, available in standard, unleashed and cloud versions, enables integrators to select which features are best for each client and environment. The outdoor access point reliably extends wireless coverage to pool decks, patios, porches and other environmentally exposed regions of the living space.

“We have received feedback from integrators with regularity asking for a product line that offers superior functionality and is not available online,” explained Access Networks CSO Bryce Nordstrand. “Access Networks Wireless gives integrators the performance, exclusivity and service/support they require to provide the best customized networking solutions to their clients.”

Access Networks will also be leveraging the new wireless products within their recently introduced custom solutions, the Core2 and Core3 systems. Access Networks Wireless is a premium wireless solution offering more support, increased exclusivity and greater overall profit opportunity for the integrator.

Access Networks Wireless will become available beginning Q1, 2018.