Access Networks Adds Unmanaged Services Option to ARCC Solution


Access Networks, now part of SnapAV, just added an unmanaged services option that can be added to any access point purchase to its cloud-based solution ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller). ARCC delivers simplicity during deployment, a higher level of control with more tools to customize each job and a lower cost of entry for industry-leading capabilities. From a single pane of glass, each clients’ network is monitored and managed remotely.

ARCC enables real-time control of the access points and is constantly adapting RF energy to do so. Updates introducing new features and capabilities download to ARCC remotely via the cloud, providing an easy, dependable and affordable way of keeping clients’ networks as current and capable as possible.

ARCC integrates with any Access Networks-enabled network, unmanaged as well as custom Core network solutions. Once the access points, routers and switches have been installed, the access points will connect to the internet and self-configure. Then, from a computer or mobile device, the integrator can button up the system. The process is repeatable with custom-made templates when possible.

Existing Access Networks integration partners can find more details about ARCC in their MyAccess partner portal.