Access Networks Now Offering ARCC Controller

access networks arcc

To help systems integrators capitalize on the cloud-based remote service management business model, Access Networks offers ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller) as it phases out its C120 and Zone Director on-premise, hardware-based controllers.

ARCC leverages the cloud to accelerate remote managed services of Access Networks’ Custom Core and unmanaged home networks. It delivers all of the same plus additional network management features as the discontinued C120 and ZoneDirector controllers but with the convenience and efficiency of being fully addressable remotely via the cloud. Without the constraints of rolling trucks to customers’ homes to configure, manage and update networks, ARCC empowers dealers with greater business agility, cost reduction, recurring revenue opportunities, accelerated innovation, and customer satisfaction.

From a single online dashboard, each client’s network is easily monitored and managed remotely from anywhere. Integrators can quickly and easily scale and update their clients’ networks with new features and capabilities, and should the home Wi-Fi environment change due to a remodeling project or the addition of a new smart system, for example, ARCC enables real-time control of the access points to adjust their RF energy to the new connectivity demands.

ARCC integrates with any Access Networks-enabled network, unmanaged as well as Custom Core network solutions. Once the access points, routers, and switches have been installed, the access points will connect to the Internet and self-configure. Then, from a computer or mobile device, the integrator can button up the system, administering security protocols and setting up passwords, for example. The entire process is seamless and transparent to the customer, and repeatable with custom-made templates when possible, saving integrators time and manpower. This gives integrators interested in utilizing the cloud for remote network management more design flexibility, faster system deployment, greater workflow efficiency, and less equipment to install and service.

ARCC is here: