Absen’s New Indoor/Outdoor LED Line of Xv-Series Debuts at InfoComm

Absen Inc announced today to launch of its next generation in mobile indoor/outdoor LED solutions called the Xv-Series. The Xv-Series is aimed at the rental and staging market, with the ultra-fine 2.6-millimeter, 3.9-millimeter and 5.2-millimeter pixel pitch versions that provide a viewing angle of 160°/140° with a brightness level of 5,000 nits. Features include easy installation and dismantle, quick-to-swap power/data core and front and rear serviceability as well as:

  • Curvability that’s integrated with ±5° adjustable side locks
  • 3840Hz refresh rate
  • Weather resistant design with universal replaceable modules

Along with the integrated curving side locks, the Xv-series offers additional curving brackets allowing designers to create unlimited concave curves and any angle up to 5° convex curves. 
Here are all the details.