Absen LED Installed across Chilean Santiago Metro Network

The Santiago Metro network in Chile have recently introduced a high-profile digital signage system from the professional Chilean outdoor advertising company, Massiva, who entrusted Absen with providing state-of-the-art LED display technology. More than 1,100 square meters of Absen’s flat display, N series, were installed across seven Santiago metro lines, making the metro network an exclusive and high-impact advertising platform.

Serving the city of Santiago, the Santiago Metro was first opened in Chile in 1975 and currently has six lines, 136 stations, and 140 kilometres (87.0 mi) of operational track. Carrying around 2.5 million passengers every day, this underground railway network is the seventh metro system in frequency worldwide.

Pedro Errázuriz, Massiva’s Operations Manager, comments on selecting Absen for LED technology, “LED is a preferable choice for the metro advertising platform due to its capabilities to offer striking visual performance, great colour and flexible configuration. As the largest advertising company in Chile, Massiva has extensive experience in the field of digital advertising and has established long-standing relationship with high-tech suppliers such as Absen. Before starting this project, we visited Absen’s factory and were impressed with its manufacturing facilities. We thank Absen for the support that they offered in R&D and service to help us implement the project. The flat LED display N series is space-saving and features easy maintenance, perfect for the metro environment where both attributes are valuable. Absen has been supporting us for ten years in our projects and we will undoubtedly continue to collaborate on more projects in the future”.

Thanks to the advanced digital advertising platform powered by Absen LED, now the metro network enables Massiva to benefit more advertisers by maximising the investment value through brighter and more vivid display of the advertisements and campaigns. With tremendous frequency, the platform is able to reach millions of commuters day-in and day-out, making ads part of their daily landscape and helping advertisers achieve their branding goals.

Premium LED displays of different sizes including 3m x 1.75m, 5m x 3m, 7m x 2m and 10m x 5m were installed in platforms and passageways or hung from the ceiling rafters across the stations of all the Santiago metro lines. To fit different spaces flexibly, 1000mm x 500mm and 1000mm x 250mm LED panels were used.

“Whether the passengers are waiting or walking, the digital display system can create impact with high visibility. It is an environment where AV technologies could be leveraged to create largest impressions,” said Sara Shen, the Absen sales director in charge of Chilean market. “For all the DOOH networks, outdoor markets and branding platforms, the combination of engaging content and high-impact display tools makes advertising more compelling and creates higher ROI for investors. The digital platform in Santiago platform is a typical case of what Absen has done in the transportation sector.”

In order to best fit the demanding transportation environment, the industry-first flat LED display product, Absen N Series was utilised in the project. It is a unique fully front & rear installation and service product, allowing fast and convenient mounting and maintenance. Featuring flat and slim design with a depth of less than 80mm and lightweight at only 9.8kg, this space-saving range is able to match any existing space easily and beautifully. It also boasts modular design, high grayscale and 160° wide viewing angle, promising flexible configuration and best visual performance. In addition to all these advantages, the product used in this project is customised to be dust-resistant, ensuring long-time healthy and reliable operation in the special underground environments.

Launched in 2015, this revolutionary product is arguable one of the most successful ranges in Absen’s portfolio and is currently considered the thinnest, front installation and front service product available in the market, perfect for various applications like retail, corporate, education and any environments requiring indoor fixed displays.

“N Series is the product of years of hard work of Absen’s R&D teams and a responsive solution for markets like retail. It is a market-proven product and has led the flat display trend in the industry and market. Since it was launched, more than 50,000 square metres of N Series have been sold out to over 40 countries and regions,” added Shen.