Absen Releases LED A Series to US and Canadian Markets

Absen announced that the A Series, a new LED display series designed to be used in medium-to-large outdoor DOOH installations, is now available for the U.S. and Canada markets. Specified with a 10,000-nit brightness claim and with a 1,280mm x 960mm standard panel size (along with three other optional sizes), the six new models of the A Series weigh only 55lbs per sqm. The series has pixel pitch in 4.44mm, 6.66mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The A Series is 50% thinner and lighter than its predecessors, thanks to a new engineering approach that resulted in a reduction of nearly 25% of all steel materials. This also reduced transportation costs and simplified installation. A Series is a fan-less LED display that offers a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to previous models, making it one of the company’s most energy-efficient models to date.

In addition, Absen’s maintenance features are continued on the A Series, with front and rear installation a simple and fast two-to-three-step process. With front and rear module assembly and access, Absen says any further maintenance of the series is flexible to wherever the A Series is installed.

The company also says sustainability has been at the forefront of its engineers’ minds when developing the A Series. Waterproof and with an operating temperature between -40 and 50 degrees Celsius, the series claims to perform in demanding conditions.