Absen Inc Expands AX Series With AX 1.5 Pro Display

Absen Inc Launches AX 1.5 Pro

Absen Inc is announcing the launch of the new AX 1.5 Pro as an upgrade to the AX series for rental and staging solutions. Applications include virtual studios, broadcasting, high-end trade shows and events.  

AX 1.5 Pro has a 1.58-millimeter pixel pitch, a brightness of 850 nits, a contrast ratio of 5500:1 and a refresh rate of 3840 Hz. It carries Absen’s Mini-LED 4-in-1 pixel technology within each LED pixel. Each panel is 27.5 inches for a native 16:9 viewing experience. It supports FHD and 4K resolution. AX 1.5 Pro is lightweight and has a die-cast aluminum structure. A new edge protection mechanism simplifies the operation needed to protect the edge pixels, allowing you to lock and release each edge with one action. It can be wall-mounted for broadcast studio applications.

New features added to the AX 1.5 Pro include an open cabinet design for greater heat dissipation, module housing with handles for easier installation and maintenance and the PSU box’s modular design. Panels are now front and rear serviceable.