ABCOMRENTS Debuts Indoor 2.6mm X2v Absen LED Tile For Rental And Resale

ABCOMRENTS, a provider of IT and digital signage solutions, has expanded their inventory once again. The company has added the latest Absen LED tile: the indoor 2.6mm X2v from Absen’s Mobile Indoor/Outdoor Xv-series. ABCOMRENTS purchased 4,000 of the X2v tiles, with 2,000 available by August, the balance due in by September. They are available for both rental and resale. 
Designed specifically for the rental and staging industry, Absen’s Xv-series sets a new standard for modular LED tiles. The unique 500×562 pixel size and 2.6mm pitch means each tile provides true HD clarity allowing for native 16:9 content design and application.
The individual Xv-series tiles have an 8:9 aspect ratio and 192×216 resolution allowing for the industry-standard 16:9 aspect ratio to be matched to any wall size consisting of an even number of columns. The new sizing structure eliminates the need for content to be stretched, distorted, or cropped to fit the screen size. Like other Absen tiles, the indoor X2v tiles can be curved. Integrated latches and custom brackets provide easy concave or convex curving up to five-degree increments. The tiles are suitable for indoor applications that range from concerts and touring, staging and production, to corporate and tradeshow/exhibit needs.
You can find them here.