8a4da65137f2199d_org9Master EMEA distributor to the CI trade, Amber International has added three new TruAudio speaker products to its portfolio – the SLIM-200 home theatre soundbar, the Trunami Series in-wall subwoofer and the new ‘Grand Canyon’ family of Ghost Series in-ceiling speakers. These latest additions ensure that installers have access to some of the most innovative audio products to come out of the USA.

“Our TruAudio offering has grown significantly in recent months,” comments Cees van Wendel de Joode, Sales Manager for Amber International. “As a company, TruAudio is really thinking outside the box with its latest range of products, from space-saving subwoofers, in-ceiling speakers and high-performance soundbars, there is something to suit many different applications. The speaker landscape is changing dramatically as technology develops, opening up placement options that simply weren’t possible a decade ago – these great new products really demonstrate that.”

SLIM-200 Home Theatre Soundbar

Providing big sound from a compact footprint, the SLIM-200 home theatre soundbar is sure to impress. The solid, yet slim one-piece housing allows maximum air volume and rigidity within the 2.2-inch wide enclosure, ensuring a full soundstage with no drop-off. SLIM soundbars are available in two size options and three configuration options, the versatility of which will be a major plus to installers.

The two tweeters are 1-inch aluminium dome units, with a sophisticated crossover on the metal housing for a rich sound. The midrange and lows are taken care of by four active 3.5-inch carbon fibre woofers. The strength of the cone assembly delivers amazing separation for a high impact soundstage – uncharacteristic for speakers of such a small diameter.

For mounting the SLIM range, there are three simple options, a surface mount SLIM-STAND, the universal TV stand the SLIM-TVB and the SLIM wall mount that comes included with the soundbar.

Trunami Series Home Theatre Subwoofer

Featuring a High-Extension-Spider-Suspension (HESS) designer 8-inch woofer, alongside two 6.5-inch Bass Augmenting Drivers (BAD), the passive Trunami in-wall subwoofer is sure to make a deep impact in home cinema installations. The BAD’s are tuned to vibrate in response to the bass energy coming from the woofer, actually extending bass power by a full -3dB@37Hz when mounted mid-wall near the floor.

The 250W Trunami is slim enough to mount between a 16-inch standard stud wall, and ships with its own MDF backbox so is perfect for retrofitting, blending in to surroundings seamlessly with the included magnetic cloth grille. The Trunami can also be placed in two or four unit configurations to minimise waves and phase cancellations in large rooms.

‘Grand Canyon’ Ghost Series In-Ceiling Speakers

The GC-6 and GC-8 are the latest additions to TruAudio’s Ghost Series in-ceiling speakers. Part of the new ‘Grand Canyon’ product family, the speakers come in either six or eight inch diameters (indicated by the product number).

Utilising a super-strong carbon fibre cone for the woofer, and advanced titanium construction for the 1-inch tweeter – the GC-6 and GC-8 are the perfect example of next generation materials being used in speaker design. The materials used help to generate extreme power handling out of the unit, alongside improved acoustic reproduction over more traditional in-ceiling speakers.

Alongside the speaker construction, the big bonus of the Ghost Series is the rimless design of the speaker grille, meaning it blends seamlessly into surrounding décor and protrudes a mere 2mm from the ceiling for an unobtrusive look.

For more information on TruAudio and the other brands that Amber distributes, please visit www.amber-international.com.