A Recap of InfoComm 2024: An Esports Expert’s Perspective

esports infocomm

Attending InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas as the esports expert for rAVe [PUBS] was an exhilarating experience. The sheer size and scope of the event were beyond my expectations, with thousands of attendees and hundreds of booths showcasing the latest advancements in AV technology. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd, combined with the impressive array of new tech on display, made for an unforgettable three days.

Esports Live 2.0: A Highlight

One of the standout areas for me was the Esports Live 2.0 section. This area featured a tournament with six collegiate Rocket League teams competing on a grand stage equipped with professional-grade lighting, visuals, cameras and live-streaming capabilities. The large digital wall and numerous TVs provided spectators with multiple angles of the action, thanks to the high-quality PTZ cameras. The setup was complete with Spectrum Industries’ gaming desks, high-powered gaming PCs and ergonomic gaming chairs, creating an optimal environment for both players and viewers.

The panels held between the Rocket League matches were equally impressive. Each panel had a skilled moderator and featured guests who were experts in both esports and AV. These discussions provided valuable insights into the intersection of these two rapidly growing industries.

esports interview

Interviews With Industry Leaders

I had the privilege of interviewing Doc Haskell, the director of one of the top collegiate esports programs in the country and Durtho, one of the world’s top Rocket League players, at the Esports Live 2.0 stage. Doc Haskell’s enthusiasm for AV was evident as he discussed their state-of-the-art Boise State esports facility. Contrary to what some might assume, Haskell is not just an esports coach; his deep knowledge of AV technology is reflected in the high-quality content produced at Boise State which has even caught the attention of major game publishers.

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I also got the chance to speak with Scott Dorn from Spectrum Industries. He demonstrated the company’s sturdy gaming desks, which feature a unique mechanism allowing monitors to drop down into the desk, transforming it into a multi-purpose workspace. This adaptability, combined with the mobility of the desks, makes them perfect for educational institutions. Additionally, the desks can be fitted with TVs for digital ads and player information, showcasing Spectrum’s innovative approach to esports furniture.

PTZ esports

Paul Richards of PTZ Optics gave me a fascinating demonstration of their broadcast equipment. He showed how he could control cameras across the country right from his booth, and even had a camera auto-track me as I moved around the booth. This technology has incredible potential for remote esports broadcasts, offering flexibility and precision.

auto track

Meeting Mark “The Neutrik Guy” Boyadjian at the Neutrik booth was another highlight. We discussed the company’s cutting-edge connectivity solutions, including zero-lag fiber optics, which are crucial for high-speed, reliable esports competitions. Our conversation also touched on Andy Weir’s book, “Artemis,” adding a fun, literary twist to our tech talk.


Networking and Learning

Beyond the tech and the shows, the connections I made were invaluable. Visiting Extron’s Las Vegas office provided deeper insights into the company’s globally used products. It was amazing to be shown all the different applications the Extron provides for schools, companies and media.

A big shout out to the hospitality of the rAVe [PUBS] team, along with its staff and interns, made me feel incredibly welcome and part of a community. InfoComm 2024 was a celebration of innovation, learning and networking. It showcased the future of AV and esports, leaving me inspired and excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from these groundbreaking events. Let’s revolutionize the world of AV through esports together!