A Clean Slate

Well, I sit here in my home office, contemplating the end of another year, and the beginning of a new one, in the way I always do. I’m going over my to-do list on my iPad, marking a few things as accomplished and updating the due dates on a lot of them to end in ’12. In the process, I’m quietly wiping out the ones that I’ve finally determined are never going to get either of the other treatments.

That clears the slate (or tablet, so to speak) for the next process in my preparing for the new year… the resolutions. But this year, instead of adding items to my to-do list, I’m just going to make a single resolution.

To keep an open mind.

It’s been a good year, not as good as many of our past years (we’re an old company) but better than the last few since the great economic collapse. And, if I examine what made it better, its the foundation of the one resolution I’m going to make this year.

I’m going to keep an open mind about our business.

Because, you see, where we have done well its because we had the imagination to think about, and conduct, our business a bit differently than in years past. As I’ve pointed out in earlier posts, I think the economy, combined with fundamental technical changes, have changed the way our business should be done.

So, beginning on the morning of the 2nd, I’m going to attempt to do something simple. To listen, to my employees and my clients, and to be willing to really hear them when they ask why we don’t do something a little different than we’ve been used to.

That’s it. A single resolution. To keep an open mind. To listen.

It makes me wish there was still a long list of little things. because, simple as it sounds, this one is anything but easy.