7thSense Releases Version 7.1 of Medialon Manager Show Control Software


7thSense announced the release of its show control software, Medialon Manager version 7.1, which “significantly changes the architecture of Medialon hardware products Showmaster LE and Showmaster Pro.”

7thSense says Medialon Manager is a Windows-based show control software that brings together a programming interface, a GUI builder, and a show execution engine with thousands of installations globally. Previously, Medialon Showmaster Editor software was used to program shows on Showmaster LE and Showmaster Pro hardware. 7thSense says an entirely new product architecture now supports Medialon Manager V7.1 running natively on the Showmaster hardware, simplifying programming, testing and deployment. As Medialon Manager is intended to be programmed on a PC, users can now enjoy remote access capabilities to Showmaster LE and Showmaster Pro hardware.

Windows Remote Desktop, VNC and TeamViewer tools can access Showmaster hardware to program and manage files and settings.

7thSense says a new web-based configuration interface has also been added, allowing users to transfer project files to and from the Showmaster, change network and time settings and view runtime logs without stopping the running project. It also provides a mechanism to manage which project file runs when the Showmaster starts up.