7thSense Launches Additions to its Performer Range at ISE 2023

7thSense Performer RangeAt ISE 2023, 7thSense launched additions to its Performer Range, including the R-Series 10, Actor, Conjurer, Compere and Juggler — named after roles typically found in a performance environment. Each of the 7thSense Performer Range of products — including the Delta Media Server and Medialon product lines — have been designed to work independently. But when combined together, they streamline media and production workflows, saving time, improving reliability and making it easier to bring media-based stories to life.

The Medialon product line now allows the 7thSense Performer Range of products to be connected to all other AV hardware and software systems within a show, experience, event or installation. It’s the “bridge” between 7thSense and the wider technology environment and experience system — including the virtual world, such as game logic in generative media. 7thSense is now compatible with it all.

Unlike previous 7thSense products, R-Series 10 is available to purchase from 7thSense as a standalone hardware solution — designed to meet the needs of the most demanding generative projects, virtual production applications and complex media-based attractions. R-Series 10 is ready for customers to run their preferred generative engines, including Unreal Engine, Unity, TouchDesigner and Notch.

The new 7thSense Performer Range enables a workflow that grabs pixels from any external source and presents them just as the “storyteller” — or the team behind the experience — intended. The expanded 7thSense product range comprises:

  • R-Series 10: The new 7thSense hardware platform. Designed to be the host of Actor, Conjurer and Delta Media Server.
  • Actor: The next generation 7thSense media server — optimized for uncompressed video playback.
  • Conjurer: The 7thSense generative content solution — bringing generative engines into the 7thSense Compere workflow, including Unreal Engine, Unity, TouchDesigner and Notch.
  • Compere: The 7thSense intelligent workflow interface that brings together the 7thSense Performer Range.
  • Juggler: The newly expanded 7thSense pixel processor range designed to be the backbone of complex, high-resolution systems and mega canvasses to streamline, simplify and optimize workflows.
  • Medialon: The 7thSense show control range and Performer Range connector. Allowing the connection of a 7thSense ecosystem to other brands and products within an installation.
    Delta Media Server: The original 7thSense media server product line and the first to bring uncompressed media playback to the world.