7thSense to Show 8K Media Server at ISE 2015

deltamediaserver-01157thSense Design has announced the latest version of its Delta Infinity Media Server line, the Infinity III, will manage and play 8K (60Hz) resolution content uncompressed 3GB/S playback capable. Features include full timeline control, warp, blend, full dome and abstract mesh screen modes. According to 7thSense, Infinity III promises solid playback for high complex projection environments including multi-channel full domes, digital signage installations, video walls and visitor attractions.

Delta Infinity III Media Server features include:

  • Fully uncompressed 4:4:4 media playback at 8K 60p, or true 8K (8K x 4K) 30p from a single server solution
  • Up to 8 full 2K DVI, Display Port or SDI outputs from a single server
  • Pixel-accurate synchronisation including full video genlock between servers
  • Fully 3D interactive mesh mode for provides the complex projection mapping
  • Multi-timeline capability
  • Live inputs
  • Display management in terms of warp, blend, overlap and underlap creation
  • 64-bit power, enabling the user to have more online imagery and higher throughput of media
  • Camera-based auto-alignment
  • Comprehensive 3D mesh import and multiple eye points and meshes
  • Auto-playing movies and audio
  • Dual Quad SDI outputs for 4K projectors, including 10-bit video and media, serving 2 x 4K 4:4:4 60p projectors from one server

Details are here.