5 Ways to Automate Systems Design and Quoting Processes


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By: XTEN-AV Team

Behind every successful AV installation is a thoughtful system design devised to achieve a reliable, intuitive, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution to the individual needs of the venue. AV integrators and systems designers oversee the needs, analysis, design, installation and management of a project’s audiovisual components. They consider the venue itself, collaborate with a team that includes the client, architect and installer, all while taking into account industry standards, the latest technology and a solution that works for today with the flexibility to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

System designers create the blueprint for a wide range of venues including conference rooms, executive boardrooms, training centers, classrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, sports venues, medical facilities, courtrooms, hotels and casinos. While each project has its own unique technical challenges, there’s also the practicalities of ensuring that schedules are manageable, deadlines realistic, and everyone’s informed and on the same page.

Anything that can make the systems design workflow more intuitive and streamlined is a plus. XTEN-AV, the first cloud-based, AI-powered AV design software created to support AV integrators and facilitate their design and quoting processes, aims to do just that. It unites manufacturers, integrators and end-customers in the creation of fully customizable solutions that optimize workflow, increase productivity, provide customer satisfaction, and increase revenue and profits. XTEN-AV empowers integrators and designers to achieve 10x more, to increase productivity by 10x, 10x revenue, 10x profits, and 10x satisfaction and happiness. The following are five ways XTEN-AV automates the systems design and quoting process.

  1. Drawing and Editing
    Our drawing, editing and designer tools help you create in-depth systems design drawings using leading AV, UCC and digital signage manufacturers’ products. With automated and customizable AV documents (i.e., block schematics, rack layouts, ceiling speakers layouts and more), an extensive editor tool and X-DRAW, all the design tools are at your fingertips.
  2. Proposal Tool 2.0
    Create customizable and professional customer proposals per specific requirements with editing and formatting options, allowing you flexibility to develop, edit and design unique sales documents to impress your customers.
  3. CRM Tool
    Manage leads, sales, projects and designs with the built-in customer relationship management platform. With seamless project and team collaboration features such as Chatter, task assignment and tracking, and more, the CRM and analytical dashboard helps you stay on top of your projects, creating a more streamlined and easy-to-manage process.
  4. Search Sense
    Our all-new Search Sense tool learns and adapts users’ search results according to previous selections. This latest XTEN-AV feature suggests most-used products and preferred brands to facilitate your AV designs and documents.
  5. Automation Tool
    Release yourself from legacy systems design, client management and proposal generation and let XTEN-AV fully automate the entire process. By automating AV design, documentation and management, XTEN-AV will help you increase efficiency and productivity x10.

If you’re a system designer or integrator looking to increase your client satisfaction while maximizing your profits, we invite you to try out XTEN-AV for free. Our 30-day free trial is available for all new users at