5 Reasons You Should Join LAVNCH WEEK 9

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If you’ve been following us or reading our content for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we host a lot of virtual events. Most notably, twice per year, we host something called LAVNCH WEEK. But really, it’s a “LAVNCH four days.” Why? Because it’s four days of panels, product announcements and fireside chats that we built during a time when trade shows weren’t happening. But even though they’re back (ISE 2024 attendance proved that), virtual events are still important. They’re easy to join from wherever you are, and then, after, they live on our site forever, so you can always go back and watch again if you missed something. LAVNCH WEEK 9, March 18-21, is coming up, and here are five reasons why you should register for the days listed below.

  • March 18: UCC Day
  • March 19: EdTech Day
  • March 20: Digital Signage Day
  • March 21: ProAV Day

1. It’s worth 10 CTS RUs. You need 30 RUs every three years to renew your CTS certification. This event is worth 10 CTS RUs if you join the entire week. That’s one-third of what you need to renew! However, even if you can’t attend the entire event, it’s worth 2.5 CTS RUs per day, so you can attend only the days you want or need to.

2. It’s organized by market type. Are you interested in learning more about the digital signage market? Unified communications? The EdTech market? We’ve got you. We organize each day of LAVNCH WEEK so you can really dial in and learn more about what you want all in one day!

3. We have the most interesting panel sessions. We always work really hard planning each panel so they are as interesting as possible! From specifying houses of worship to technical debt in your EdTech systems, we have worked to make this as informative and fun as possible. Each day will have a specific-subject-focused “big panel,” but will also have a general “market update” panel, in which experts and industry thought leaders will discuss updates and trends in each market. You don’t want to miss these!

4. A real sneak peek at a really cool manufacturer’s headquarters! If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’d really like a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on at an AV manufacturer’s headquarters,” we have just the treat for you. Gary Kayye is traveling (quite far) to get a firsthand look and behind-the-scenes tour and product walkthrough for you. I can’t wait for him to show you!

5. Up close and personal product demos. Our other manufacturer partners for this week have prepared some really great product demos for you to check out! This is the next best thing to getting a demo right on the show floor. Well, actually, it’s even better because you’re not fighting with other people to ask questions. You can simply message the manufacturer after their session — no yelling over other people on the show floor. But you can yell if you really want to.

Those are only five of the reasons I think you should attend LAVNCH WEEK 9. This is going to be such a fun week of content; we can’t wait to show you everything that we’ve prepared. You can go ahead and register here!