3D or not 3D – that is the question….

I have an embarrassing item to relate… for the last couple of days, I’ve actually read a number of the movie review blogs. No, I’m not joining the discussions of “Date Night” – it’s because I’ve been following some threads on 3D technologies.

It seems there’s a camp, and a large one, dismissing 3D as a “fad”. That the movies released in it are gaudy, made-for-effect productions.. and that because of it, the theater-going and home-theater publics are going to return to their senses. This faction’s de-facto prophet seems to be Roger Ebert, who has a point. But his hat normally covers it.

First of all, don’t ever bet on the public returning to its senses. It never has before.

But more importantly, every time there ha been an enhancement to motion picture technology, it has begun as a “fad” – but has stuck as we learned to work with it. The first color movies were little more than clip-reels made specifically to show things in color. The first “talkies” were excuses to use sound. The first surround-sound movies all featured fighter-jets screaming overhead and receding in the distance. But then, we settled down, incorporated the new technologies into “real” movies, and they settled into the background, where technologies belong.

C’mon, Roger – don’t you want to see yourself do “two thumbs up” in 3D?