Their army has assembled

On the border of the land.       

Some say they want no battle

But to work hand in hand.

Yet there has been a small invasion

Into the outer realms

One which may show intentions

Of what is still to come.

Reminiscent of a battle

At an ancient date

But played out in modern day

With a twist of fate.

The million men prepared to fight

May not the Persians be,

But actually the Spartans

Of ancient Thermopylae.

The battlefield is home to them

They know all the terrain

They speak the native language

And are all well trained.

And if we are the strangers

Speaking in foreign tongues

Can 300 defeat 1 million?

Can the battle be won?

What chance do 300 have

If they refuse to see the lapse

In the needed knowledge

To claim victory in that gap?

So I pose a question

The answer no one knows

Will we be the Spartans

If that battle trumpet blows?