268 channels, one story

Has anybody else noticed that, with “narrowcasting” the norm, it is still nearly impossible to get anything but the nuclear accident and tsunami in Japan covered by any of the major news outlets? Last I knew, our economy was in a precipitous place, there was a civil war raging in Libya, people were still starving in Haiti, and political decisions that will determine the fate of the free world were going on all over the globe. I mean, I recognize that the fate of our colleagues and friends in Japan hangs in the balance, and that the nuclear crisis affects us all, and that it is currently by far the most important story, but isn’t that why we HAVE all those news outlets? And yet, it seems that we have a societal case of ADD – the top story is all there is, at least to the major outlets. Sure, you can surf to other news on your computer or iPad… but most americans don’t. They channel flip. And right now, it’s “All Tsunami, All The Time” for most of the major networks.