24ieye Launches Real Time Media Monitoring Services

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24ieye is pleased to announce the launch of brand monitoring services to monitor the online risk and amplify positive brand name to maintain good reputation for any organization. The service is designed to improve safety by tracking threats, digital attacks, and more. 24ieye is a leading brand monitoring company with its base in Muscat, Oman, providing risk protection, media monitoring, VIP monitoring services on a global scale.

With 24ieye, clients can get track and analyse all brand mentions, executives, campaigns, and associated hashtags in real-time, on a global scale. With this service, business can quickly solve customers’ problems and can find the right solutions early on and prevent the next incident from happening. This service is great option to track and analyze how news and social media think, track the source of contents and insights anywhere from the globe, to get a better understanding of who is talking about the brand online, and to analyze buzz quality and quantity to gain new insights about the customers.

Monitoring social media presence, managing your online reputation, checking competitor’s activities, while you’re on the business meeting or when you are on travel is not a problem anymore. In order to meet your business and travel needs, 24ieye is introducing the mobile app. The interactive, shareable dashboards showcase high-level trends that highlight the brand health over time.

The dashboard is designed to deliver a quick snapshot of everything that’s provided with the social media profiles — Mentions, Summary, Analysis, Sources, Quotes, and Comparison. When there is a negative feedback or customer complaints, it is crucial to react as soon as possible to everything that is written about your company. It is an important tool to manage reputation, to better understand on who is talking about the brand online, what is going on in social media profiles.

With this media monitoring platform, customers can gain many advantages

* Get notification about real-time conversations
* Identify customers that need service
* Prevent potential crises
* Keep up with industry news and insights
* Customize the dashboards based on the specifications
* Create and save searches across news and social media using the keywords that relate to the brand
* Customize the alerts and notification based on the requirements

Download the app for Android and iPhone. Download the newly developed app in your mobile and create a project for a topic you want to monitor. It is easy to use, intuitive and offers a wide range of features, delivering high quality results. Another added advantage is that customers don’t need a lot of technical knowledge for using it.

Be it media campaigns, diversification, response to customers, it helps maintain a positive brand image among consumers and also identify potential influencers with the help of 24ieye.