22Miles Offers Post-COVID Touchless Interactivity Using a Smartphone and Protection-as-a-Service

22miles paas

22Miles announces that its Secure Mobile Control (SMC) touchless remote control feature is now available for free to new clients leveraging interactive solutions, as well as all current 22Miles clients upgrading to the latest Publisher Pro V6 software.

A feature of the 22Miles Protection as a Service software solutions suite, SMC allows users to control any digital display using any OS on a mobile device. Users access SMC via a web-based app, and with a QR code scan (network required), can interact with the display from their mobile web browser with no application install or download required.

SMC eliminates hygiene risks and reduces physical touchpoints in public buildings across numerous industries and applications. Leveraging SMC supports social distancing by encouraging users to access important information from their own personal devices, rather than gathering and physically interacting with digital signage and displays, such as wayfinding in shopping or transportation centers, visitor kiosk check-ins for healthcare or hospitality facilities, and others.

SMC can be added to existing displays such as video walls or kiosks running 22Miles’ Publisher Pro software, with support for third party OS systems, to enable a wide range of capabilities, fast setup and implementation. With the Publisher Pro software, administrators can easily and remotely customize and update signage at any time.

The SMC free offer is available now to qualified new and existing customers for a limited time.