22Miles Adds AI to Its Content Manager

22miles ai

22Miles just announced AI customization services that updated the 22Miles Content Manager with AI that replaces the need for searching and scrolling and, instead uses a custom-trained, secure digital assistant who can ask follow-up questions, cross-reference sources and give expert responses.

22Miles debuts three new AI tools in its latest content management system (CMS) release, Content Manager Version 7.5:

  • AI Assistant — a consumer-facing chat interface that can be trained to assist with anything from wayfinding to product information. AI Assistant can hold customer conversations to guide visitors, customers and travelers in retail, conference venues, facilities and more.
  • AI Backoffice — an internal AI that recognizes user identities, tailoring responses to their specific roles and data access rights.
  • AI Command — A CMS backend interface for quick content editing and digital signage command execution.

AI chat capabilities bring a “new level of engagement to digital signage and other corporate communications.” Whether the questions are typed or spoken in English or any other language, 22Miles says AI Backoffice and AI Assistant are equipped to understand and respond, making them “invaluable tools across various sectors like retail, healthcare and government services.”

AI Command is included in Content Manager 7.5, while AI Backoffice and AI Assistant are customizable system add-ons. Content Manager 7.5 includes templates to incorporate AI Assistant or AI Backoffice into 22Miles digital signage and apps; they can also be added to existing third-party digital signage applications, mobile apps or websites as a custom module. In either case, 22Miles can swiftly deploy AI Assistant or AI Backoffice to hundreds or thousands of units to create interactive experiences with little lead time.

22Miles performs training, testing, post-deployment monitoring and fine-tuning to create “custom AI experiences that align with a company’s exact specifications.” Once training is complete, the AI is self-maintaining: customers can add or update data in the CMS without making any adjustments to the AI.

Additional CMS Capabilities:

  • New mobile wayfinding templates.
  • An Outlook plug-in for integrated room booking and meeting scheduling.
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) device screensaver capabilities.
  • Teams video call capabilities for concierge kiosks.

Existing 22Miles customers and dealers can unlock these new features now by upgrading to Content Manager V7.5 here: www.22miles.com/AI