22Miles Adds Trade Show AI Assistant to Its Digital Signage Platform

22miles booth wayfinding22Miles released its Tradeshow AI Assistant: a custom-trained conversational AI tool that streamlines event operations and attendee support via an engaging, user-friendly and responsive chat interface. This solution offers a “first-of-its-kind experience, leveraging the 22Miles generative AI solution integrated with the brand’s 3D Wayfinding App and content management capabilities.”

Trade show organizers spend countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars designing, proofing and printing physical signs. Yet, due to the evolving nature of live events, information is often outdated before the show even begins. 22Miles says updating on-site can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and even correct print signage often fails to address attendee questions.

The company says its Tradeshow AI Assistant alleviates this pain. It offers “fast, real-time event information and wayfinding that attendees can interact with naturally in any language.” Organizers can deploy the Tradeshow AI Assistant on digital signage, websites or within the event app and easily update information throughout the event as needed. For attendees, the Tradeshow AI Assistant supports navigation across large venues, recalls event-related information and ensures self-service support on demand.

22Miles says Tradeshow AI Assistant’s multilingual support stems from a “powerful generative AI solution custom-trained on event-specific data to help attendees maximize their time at events.” Attendees can activate the experience at a kiosk or with a QR code scan on their mobile device, then engage with the chat feature with text or voice prompts in their native language. The assistant provides event information and turn-by-turn directions to help users find exhibitors, meeting rooms, sessions, amenities and more.

With as little as four weeks for deployment, the Tradeshow AI Assistant quickly and seamlessly integrates into event operations. It brings valuable bandwidth to your event staff, enabling them to stay focused on their assignments while attendees receive prompt self-service information. Embracing sustainability and cost savings, the Tradeshow AI Assistant also offers an alternative to traditional print signage and collateral, leveraging QR codes to deliver all the information attendees need digitally.

The Tradeshow AI Assistant aggregates data to deliver a blend of qualitative insights and quantitative metrics After the event, organizers receive a post-show engagement report, which contains valuable insights into attendee inquiries, support requests and chatbot usage. This data can help event planners make informed decisions and scale future events.