2013 Best of InfoComm Awards

infocomm-13-award-featuredWelcome to rAVe’s annual Best of InfoComm Awards! This year’s InfoComm show, held last month in Orlando, Florida, was one of the best — or, actually, the best if you’re measurement is attendance. But, attendance aside, the amount of new technology and product innovation was more than the past three or four years, combined. It’s clear that most manufacturers see the next few years as promising and growth oriented.

But, because there were so many new products and technologies shown at the 2013 version of InfoComm, it made our job harder. There were more products to consider than in recent memory. Considering all this, those that did win should be proud of their accomplishment as they, obviously, represent the best-of-the-best. So, congratulations!

Click each link below to see the winner and read about the product.